About Us

Booyah Traders is a trading and entrepreneurial community focused on achieving financial freedom, building wealth, and learning smart money-making techniques. We are a small group of enthusiasts who ditched the corporate grind to achieve our own financial independence and provide a platform for others to do the same.  Our philosophy is to master the basics of financial success and we are not a “get rich quick” scheme.

There is a strong chance that you are just like us and believe that working for others will not be sufficient in obtaining your goals.  We are not financial advisors nor do give financial advice, but we provide knowledge derived from experience and research to help you achieve financial success. Join us and become a regular on our social media pages, where we are building a community of like-minded individuals whose common goal is financial independence. 

Mike, our senior analyst, grew up learning about trading from his father and independently learned how economic indicators are used in picking stocks.  He achieved a master's degree in geophysics and has many years working as a geophysicist.  His experience interpreting seismic and electromagnetic waves and patterns combined with data and stock analysis techniques proved to be the perfect combination of skills to become a successful trader.  Mike is a regular on our Telegram channel and other social media platforms where he can share profitable investment ideas with our community.

Erik, our senior entrepreneur, has a background in the oil and gas industry  and has been involved in various startups including raising private equity funding, real estate investing, and successfully monetizing various businesses. His passion is entrepreneurialism and encouraging profitable business techniques as well as cryptocurrency trading, stock trading and other investments.

Above all we strive for honesty.  There are innumerable scammers out there, especially those involved in pump and dump schemes.  Many of these people pretend to be writing articles about this or that coin being projected to reach "1000% gains in 1 month!".  These people have bought the coin and are trying to convince others to buy it so that they can sell at a profit.  Even already wealthy celebrities have taken to doing this frequently.  We may not always be correct in our assessments, but we will not lie to you.  Ever.

We are a small startup and if you would like to help us get off the ground, there are a few things you can do to help.  First is using our affiliate links when you sign up for an exchange or other service we provide a link for.  Second is spread the word about us!  We only started this website at the start of March 2021 and gaining attention in the crowded world of crypto is not easy.  Third, if you're feeling extra altruistic or you've made some nice profits off our advice, we appreciate donations.  Donations are absolutely not mandatory or expected, but it's out there for people who wish to do it.  

We absolutely appreciate how great our community has been on our social media pages and any support you provide us in helping Booyah Traders grow!