Automated bot trading is the future of investing

Signals are now free to use on Cryptohopper!

The majority of brokerage firms trade with bots and have proven that bot trading is far superior to human trading alone.  They are able to buy and sell at specific points using indicators developed in house.  Bots can watch multiple coins, stocks and positions 24 hours a day and buy and sell without human emotion.  Our signals and bot configuration has one simple principle: buy low, sell high


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How to get started with Booyah Traders Signals

For Manual Trading

For Bot Trading

Through rigorous testing of multiple bot trading platforms, we found Cryptohopper to be our favorite.  The ease of use and multitude of options allowed our signals to thrive in a way they would be unable to with basic bot trading.  Once you try our signals on Cryptohopper, you will never go back to buying and selling cryptocurrency assets on your own!


When you subscribe to our signals on Cryptohopper, make sure to join us on Telegram and Discord.  

The chat rooms will provide real time information on changes to signals and Cryptohopper configuration settings to help maximize profit.