Get Algorithm Derived Signals to help make Profitable Trades


Buy Signals Indicated by Green Dots on Bottom Pane

Our algorithm uses 8 variables to systematically determine optimal buy points based on large dips.  Each of these variables has been thoroughly tested with every coin we support and optimized to find low price points.

For $9.99 per month you can subscribe to our algorithm derived signals for manual trading.  This will provide you access to a members only private discord channel where the signals are sent by a bot in real time.  Many traders find this helpful as a way to determine which charts to look at and decide whether to pull the trigger on buying or not.  With so many cryptocurrencies to choose from, these signals can give you a great pointer on which ones have just experienced large price dips.

By using discord you will have access to these signals on the computer or on your phone with the discord app.  This is very useful when on the go or on vacation and pattern trading.

Signals are FREE on our Discord server under the channel name crypto-signals

We Support the following coins on our manual signals.

We are continuing to test more coins and add them as well.