• Sir Baller

Upcoming Token: For The People (FTP)

We have decided to add two new categories into Booyah Traders Newsletters: New Coins and Tokens and Coins and Tokens Reviews. The former is dedicated to upcoming or newly launched coins and tokens whereas the latter will focus on more established assets along with possible investment strategies pertaining to them. In the Newsletters section of the website you will be able to filter by category if you only wish to see specific types of newsletters.

I recently joined the For the People Telegram group after reading a few of their posts on Reddit. After a few discussions with the founder, Seth Verret, I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity for Booyah Traders to venture into new territory regarding the new newsletter topics.

Seth is a developer with a history of investing in new tokens and projects and found great joy in being part of growing businesses and communities. As the market aged however, we have seen an increasing number of scams plaguing the global transition to decentralized finance and scaring away would-be investors. Seth was routinely reviewing contracts before investing, but new loopholes were frequently being inserted into new contracts. After being unable to find a website or app that listed verified new tokens, he decided to form a group to develop their own application to scan contracts in search of vulnerabilities and list the results for all to see.

Goals of For the People:

  • Website and application that will list verified safe tokens, marketers, promoters, influencers, etc.

  • Develop bot to scan smart contracts for vulnerabilities (Currently in development, the bot has already scanned 100s of scam token contracts)

  • Third party doxxing of developers and others being listed on their site (photo IDs, references, proof of account ownerships)

  • Become a brand name for legitimacy, "FTP Approved"

Token Fundamentals:

  • Presale Date: not yet set, likely within 1 or 2 weeks. Stay updated on their Telegram group and website

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) FTP Tokens; No minting allowed

  • 2% of Total Supply will be given to each the Developer and the Marketing wallets (4% total)

  • Tax: 3% reflection, 7% to liquidity

For the People plan to release an app preview before their presale and hope to release the app by the end of August this year. The group of 5 is made up of a developer, a web designer, an app developer, a graphic designer and a marketer. They are actively searching out interviews, crypto talk shows, influencers and partnering with other new token developers to spread the word about their project. In addition, For the People has 2 more applications planned, but will not begin building them until after the goals listed above are met.

Getting whitelisted for the presale is no easy feat! There are a number of individuals from a group named Diamondhands, a group which requires you to prove that you hold your investments. If you wish to get your name on the whitelist you can go to their telegram group and battle others in the games posted. The top two players for each game will get on the whitelist. There is a lot of competition, so you must play quite a few games to become adept enough to hold one of those spots! These tactics are an attempt to avoid the usual "Pump and Dump" public releases that have become all to common in the current crypto market. I commend For the People for thinking of a unique solution to buck this despicable trend that hurts legitimate investors planning to hold.

While in the past our newsletters have almost solely focused on trend and market analysis, we hope to do more coin and token reviews in the future. Do not despair however, we will not stop our analyses, we are just adding more content! If you haven't already, please join the Booyah Traders main Telegram page and the Booyah Analysis Telegram page.

Thanks for reading and Happy Trading!