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Wyckoff Accumulation Update: The Bull Run Continues!

In my most recent article, written 6 days ago, I predicted that Bitcoin's price would start moving upwards again between 6/12/2021 and 6/14/2021. On 6/13 we saw a great increase of price from $35k to $39k. I made this prediction based on a similar dip in 2017 that had a striking resemblance to what we are seeing now. To add to my proposition that the Bull Run is about to continue and Bitcoin is about to have a major breakout, I present my interpretation current prices in relation to Wyckoff Accumulation Theory events.

It is clear that once we pass the upper orange resistance line we will hit the "Sign of Strength" and then prices will reaccumulate. This will launch us into phase E which will be a major uptrend and create the FOMO needed to continue our Bull Run.

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Happy Trading Everyone.


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